Thursday, 2 June 2011

think of him..

whatever i do,it will remind me bout him..
i can't forget him easily..
what should i do??
i'm in pain everytime i think bout him n that girl..
can i smile when saw him with that girl??
can i smile when think that he will epy with that girl??
i'm really sad..
why can i forget bout him??
he made me suffer..
he hurt me..
he made my heart broken..
he left me after what i had done 4 him bfore..
but why i can forget him??
someone plez help me out of this..
i can't live with such this rubbish.. me out from here..
i can't stand it anymore..
i'm not that tough n strong girl..
help me to forget bout him..

~ thankz coz sudi bace warna warni hidup AZ ~

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