Monday, 6 June 2011

that guy!!is it him??

i met a guy that looks like him..
i don;t know is it true or juz my ilusion..
maybe i really miss him..
that y i alwys met guy that look like him..
i lost my focuz when i saw someone that i thought is him..
last night!!
he said coey..
he told me that he miss me so much..
but we can't be together again coz he belongs wif that gurl..
how idiot is him??
if he really love me,y he is couple wif other gurl??
does he juz wanna play around wif my heart??
is he??
how cruel he is??
i'm really sick wif all of these thing..
can i stop these??
can i??
someone plez tell me..
plez help me..
life must goes on..
i know that words is true..
but i can't forget him easily..
coz i really luv him..
truly,deeply n honestly..

~ thankz coz sudi bace warna warni hidup AZ ~

5 budax comey nak warnai hidup az:

nurazwani saimi said...
nice blog

azyhah said...

tenks awk:)

blackroses said...

assalam dear..sorry pendapat je..tulisan ni susah nak baca..maaf ek

fieha said...

salam pon berpendapat yg same dgn blackroses..kena pilih tulisan yg sng dibaca n org len pun akan minat nk baca entry kita..maaf ye..sekadar nasihat dri seorg rkn blogger..teruskan perjuangan ye ^^

azyhah said...

k..tenks u all..

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