Saturday, 4 June 2011

miss him...

i miss him so much..
eventhough he had hurt me..
i don't know why i'm still remember him..
maybe now,he have so much fun wif that girl,right??
n i??still waiting 4 him..
always think that him will come back 2 my side..
wut wrong wif me??
why i'm still don't want 2 face the reality..
am i scare??
am i a coward??
wut should i do??
should i become a stalker??
i don't know wut should i do..
tik tok..
time alwys left me behind..
can i move from that nightmare??
can i??
why it is so hard 2 forget bout him??
already tired..
i have 2 wake up n face the reality..
enjoy the life..
enjoy the youth..

~ thankz coz sudi bace warna warni hidup AZ ~

2 budax comey nak warnai hidup az:

Bitter Sweet Efiey said...

u go girl... :) don't be sad...

azyhah said...

huhu:)...i try my must go on,right??

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