Sunday, 5 June 2011

heart broken..

wanna know y??
of coz u know..
all his fault..
i won't care if he want to clsh wif me..
but earlier than our anniversary..
5 days before the date is so terrible..
i had planned lot of fun 2 celebrate wif him..
don't trust me??
check on my another blog""
i always write bout our story..
bout him..
n my epyness to celebrate our frst anniversary..
i'm so excited..
everything was ruined when i got that sms..
i'm hurt..
really heart..
how could him..
till now,i'm still don't believe this thng could happen..
wut should i say??
wanna know wut i'm doing??
i called him..
tell him that i'm gonna epy if he is epy even not wif me..
i'm pray 4 his epyness..
i ask 4 his forgiveness if i had wrong..
i'm told him not to play around wif the girls' heart coz i know it is terrible..
i told him that i let him go..
but i'm a liar..
till now..i still nver let him go from my heart..
i tried..but..i can't..
plez help me to forget bout him n start new life without him..

~ thankz coz sudi bace warna warni hidup AZ ~

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